Bow and Arrow, Sword and Shield

  Newly bred knights of the World Bring forth your bow and arrow Sheath your swords Forge your shields Raise your flags with pride Intelligence like a bow Talent like an arrow Grip, focus, and sight Fire all what you've got Strike the bulls-eye of your goals Slash your swords with might Harden your stance,…Read more Bow and Arrow, Sword and Shield


Paradox of Love

sweet chocolates, bitter romance red roses, pale passion bright promises, faded loyalty pretty face, ugly character clever tongue, foolish ears long texts, short temper many lovers ,few sincere true love, false receiver hard to get, easily left warm hugs, cold shoulders wet kisses, dry cheeks soft whispers, loud quarrels deep understanding, shallow arguments slow courtship,…Read more Paradox of Love


Sadness felt in separation No physical connection, affection, sensation. A need of chance for romance or even just a glance despite the distance Something that will remind us Bind us Inspire us Motivate us And there came the lonely moon The mysterious The luminous The stalking moon Then... The stalker reminded us its mystery bound…Read more Moon