(a subject requirement)

In this fast-changing society, one of the ways to be updated and to not get left behind is through communication. There are many forms of communication nowadays and among all forms, social media is the most popular especially to a millennial like me.

CMC class was relatively new to me since our discussions, quizzes. and activities only utilized the information technology which is in contrast to the traditional setting of every class.

It was fun I should say since the use of computers is almost natural to me. A no-print class? Oh boy, a dream come true! For lazy-heads like myself.

But it is more challenging than the traditional class since we have to comply with tasks within a given time, this is a struggle for procrastinators.

One skill that I have acquired from this class is the ability to digest and comprehend the contents of a video and an article in a short span of time. Time pressure should have given birth to this skill and I am grateful for that.

I have realized that I’ve been taking the technology for granted since I only use it mostly for entertainment but as I took this class (seriously), I have realized its great contribution towards productivity, information proliferation, and personality development.




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