Put yourself into a parallel universe that Literature doesn’t exist. How long can you stay? You won’t even last a day, right? Imagine yourself entering a huge library or a bookshop without the literary section (god of literature help me!). Okay, I’ll just stop, I can’t take it.

The question above came from a colleague of mine who doesn’t really appreciate Literature. And yes, he is the absolute description of a boring person. And my answer to this stupidest question my ear couldn’t bear to hear?

Yes! It still does and it will never cease to matter until the end of times!

Why it still matters? I’ll be answering that later, but first, let me share with you that through Literature you will be:

  • Stimulating creative, critical, and imaginative thinking, viewing, speaking and writing.

Through literature, it opens the doors of a deeper level of thought and understanding of all things seen, heard and felt in our daily experiences in life. It gives you the benefit to easily and artistically communicate and participate in the society.

  • Enriching your imaginative expression in speaking, writing, and presenting.

In this era, the world of internet is a pandemonium of competitive and creative business strategies on how to magnetize the interest of the demanding consumers. Studying this will give you a head’s up on how to make a unique and appealing approach to take hold of the trend in the industry.

Does literature still matter

  • Developing your reading habit for lifelong leisure and functional purpose.

Indeed, it gradually develops your interest and motivation to read anything that catches your attention may it be literary or informational. You may find it hard to hold your attention on reading a lengthy novel or a boring manual today, well, literature will program you to be a wide reader.

  • Becoming aware of and recognize multiple points of view.

Literature is a vast collection of life’s stories coming from the different parts of the world, thus coming from varying cultures. It gives the idea of how people from the far corners of the earth thinks and sees life. Making you aware and be open-minded of a person’s and yourself’s own uniqueness.

  • Transcending the barriers of time and place, and explore worlds that can only exist in your own imagination.

In relation to my tagline “Imagination is man’s essence. Immortal is the Literature”  You never knew that your own imagination is really existing in a parallel universe or it may exist here!.Albert Einstein says “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” Let it take you to places! Get outside of the conformist world and stand out!

So, do I have to bother answering the question “Does Literature still matter nowadays?”. No, of course not, I haven’t even considered it a question because Literature is our lives. That’s just how to put it.


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