Acknowledging ourselves as beings having limitations and imperfections, we are used to the feeling of failure, complacently claiming “I was almost there!” but we didn’t absolutely know or even care to ask ourselves “Where is the “there?” or “How to cross it?”. Are we just having this lame excuse that we did our best but our best wasn’t good enough, thus self-righteously concluding that “We were almost there?”. Is saying you were almost there justifies your hard work of striving that certain goal?  

How would you feel when you were downloading an HD movie (7GB) for hours and it failed when it reached 99.96%? How would you feel to have a final grade of 74%? How would you feel that your team lost by buzzer beater tie-breaking 3-pt shot? Those were the instances of “Almosts” that most of us have encountered and they were not pleasing experiences. Were you shouting your hearts out celebrating that you almost did it?


Image credits : Finborough run of Lost Boy Theatre Poster

“Almost there” is the idea that we had tried and made our efforts doubled or tripled and yet we haven’t crossed the thin boundary between success and failure. We worked hard 200% of our capabilities and yet we are still on the plane of failure pushing religiously hard to force our way and to put our feet on the ground of success. But are you really sure that you did it? Or are you blinded by your fatigue and missed the little things to consider?

“Almost”, for me, is a dangerous word because it is the complete acceptance of your failure, not the excuse, even if there is only 0.01% needed effort to make your actions claim success it is not enough to escape the grounds of failure. People will become sloths in man’s clothing if they completely disagreed with this idea reasoning that they did 99.99% of the work thus concluding that they did their best.

Now the question is how can they defend their claim of doing the 99.99% of the work? How can they fill the 0.01% left to complete the job? In this world, conclusions must be logically explained. The society will always look at the little 0.01% failure and ignore your 99.99% effort, saying “Almost is not enough”. This can be reflected in the social setting, even if you have done 99 good things most of the people can only notice the ONE bad thing.

But here’s the twist, no one can force you to take their view towards your effort, no one shall. At the end of the day, your perspective towards yourself steers the destination of your journey. A word of advice, please don’t be satisfied on achieving an “almost success” because it was never a success, it was still a failure and remember it takes a lot of failures to achieve an absolute success. Don’t be just “Almost there”, “Be there!” and feel the fertile ground of success with your own sturdy feet, celebrating that you have crossed the thin boundary between success and failure.

The question left unanswered is “How to be there?” and it’s up to you how to get there. You may use a jet pack and fly, walk and face it head-on, dig an underground tunnel, or even use your teleportation ability. What matters is you’ve crossed it fair and square with pride and honor.


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