On belief, rationality, and imagination

If you are rooted in one belief, the seed of that must be your imagination and rationality. Mind is so powerful that it can create anything as you believe in it. Rationally speaking, it may not exist in this plane or dimension we perceived to be the real dimension. It may only exist in someone’s own created world. If you believe on something to exist, it will and shall exist in your own world.

Better believe in something to feed your hunger, a hunger that can’t be satisfied where you are today. This hunger is a longing for your self-meaning, self-purpose, self-fulfillment and self-actualization to be achieved and satisfied.

It is an assurance to your self that you are really real, existing and alive.

A common, universal, most-accepted religion in this realm believes that a higher divine being gave us this wonderful yet self-destructive gift – rationality, the ability to decide for ourselves. This religion remained and stood firm on its doctrines despite the antagonists who constantly negates them.

To justify that these ¬†existing beliefs are helpful in all aspects of our lives, it shall and must achieve our standards of righteousness and happiness, that it would transform us into a “good” human person. Our definition of good, uniquely varies, it certainly depends in our own perception, on how we see life.

In my own perception, living as a “Good” human person is a feeling of perpetual internal sensation knowing and fulfilling the fullness of your existence in a realm no one knows if it is real or not.

There is no universal standard yet, that will define the absolute truth of reality, hence no one can correct your own perception of what seems real through your senses and that is the very essence of being a human.

With that, no one can force you to believe on something unless you let them.

On belief, at a certain mature age you can grasp but not fully understand the mysteries of life. In your childhood days you were thought to be a good kid in the eyes of the “Creator”, “Almighty”, “Father” and as you grow old it is there on your system. It is a good thing, it really is, as long as that belief makes you feel good.

On rationality, we are the thinking species having the dominance over the animal kingdom possessing this ability. We make sense out of almost everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. With this we can think of what is better and what is worst for us.

On imagination, it is there since you come out to the world. It defies the limit of human reason, creates another dimension, and colors the grey scale canvass of life. Giving us the distinction among ourselves looking at life in different perspectives,the ecstasy of a fulfilling existence, and the immortality we wished in this temporary world.

Belief compliments rationality, rationality compliments imagination, and imagination compliments belief until the end of an endless loop.

Belief, rationality, and imagination are the essential components to be a complete human person. None of the three is more important than the other. It is like a tripod that when it lacks one leg the two left cant stand properly. With this three golden pillars you can firmly stand facing the chaos of this life.


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