Bow and Arrow, Sword and Shield


Newly bred knights of the World
Bring forth your bow and arrow
Sheath your swords
Forge your shields
Raise your flags with pride

Intelligence like a bow
Talent like an arrow
Grip, focus, and sight
Fire all what you've got
Strike the bulls-eye of your goals

Slash your swords with might
Harden your stance, hold your shield
For intelligence is not enough
For talent is not enough
Without will and conviction

To the youth of today
Uplift your motherland's morale
Hold your bow with might
Release the arrow proudly
Hit the hearts of the people

For your country is dying
For your enemy is yourselves
We had fallen into a slumber
Blinded by the manipulative
Turning the society against us

Strike your swords valiantly
Be a warrior for our land
Thrust your shields firmly
Be a defender for your culture
Change the scripted future of your nation

To the newly bred knights
Take this holy oath
Drink this cup of blood
Filled by the hopes of your elderly
For honor and pride of your land

To strike the hearts of our people
Remind them of what's forgotten
Shot their sleeping minds
Wake them up from the deep sleep

Be that your mission, our knights
Lay your lives on the field
Sharpen your intelligence
Polish your talent
Inherit the will of the elders

Change the direction of wind
Steer the nation's destination
With your sword and shield
Bow and arrow
We put our hopes, our dying wish

For our motherland!


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