Sadness felt in separation
No physical connection,

A need of chance
for romance or
even just a glance
despite the distance

Something that will remind us
Bind us
Inspire us
Motivate us

And there came the lonely moon
The mysterious 
The luminous 
The stalking moon

The stalker reminded us
its mystery bound us
luminosity inspired us
its loneliness motivated us

It gave us chance
Tickled romance
Caught a glance
Despite its distance

A gaze
We'll forget separation
Build connection
Inflame affection
Feel sensation

Even if we're far away
by land, 10 hours away
by air, 30 minutes away
but by love, a heartbeat away

Moon deviates the law of distance
Quenches our thirst for romance
Shed its light for a dance
The guide to love's entrance


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