The Lion, Wolf, and Humkin


Far, far away from the civilization, the worldly chaos, shackles of the society and the corrupt ruling. There lives a free and complacent landlord. Humkin was his name. He owned a vast land. He had an abundant life, every season he harvests different crops, vegetables, and fruits. January would be watermelons and beans, February would be strawberries and squashes, March would be apples and lettuces, April would be oranges and eggplants, June would be pineapples and potatoes, July would be corn and cucumber, August would be wheat and bananas, September would be papayas and onions, October would be spinach and coconuts, November would be coffee and sugar cane, and December would be nothing.

He had a poultry, fishery, piggery, a herd of cow and of sheep. There is a perpetual supply of fresh water coming from the rain forest.

All was well; he never knew what scarcity meant and forgot his old friend who gave him those blessings.

Then he heard of the news, from the other landlords, that there were grizzly wolves who raided their lands in just one night all was ravaged and wasted. They regretted that they didn’t accept the wise Lion’s advice. They were destroyed by their pride.

The landlord thought it was a hoax from the other landlords and didn’t take a word seriously. He just lived his life without worries and was complacent.

And the night all the landlords feared came to Humkin.

There were loud knocks on the door that echoed around his house. Humkin was up and he whistled to his dogs – Peter and John, to accompany him. He lit his lamp and went down stairs tiptoeing.

He stopped three steps away from the door and the knocking was gone. Humkin heard his heart beating fast. The doors flew and there appeared a huge silhouette of a hulky Wolf.

“Humkin – the complacent landlord. You think your life is perfect?” The Wolf growled and dragged his claws on the floor as he draw near to Humkin.

Humkin was paralyzed, struggling to move a muscle.

“What is your purpose? Why are you doing this?” Humkin trembled.

“Let me say, I bring balance to your lives”

“The lives of the landlords were already balanced! You are the one who interrupted!”

“There is no light without the dark, landlord” and the Wolf with all his might blew the fields of crops, vegetables, and fruits. He murdered all the hens, cows, sheep and pigs.

Humkin witnessed the morbid destruction of his land. He knelt and begged the Wolf to stop.

“I am not done yet, I will comeback every season to remind you of the darkness” and the Wolf punched Humkin, left him lying on the cold floor.

A familiar roar woke Humkin. His hair rose and he knew that his old friend was back.

The wise Lion who gave him the land and the blessings.

“Why haven’t you called me old friend?” the lion sounded sad.

Humkin just cried and embraced the Lion. He was so devastated and hopeless. He lost the strength to stand.

The Lion carried Humkin like his cub and put him on the couch to rest.

Humkin was at rest while the Lion went outside. With all his might, the lion roared and all the fields of crops, vegetables and fruits regenerated. The dead animals were revived. The house was repaired. Humkin’s wounds were healed.

Again, all was well.

Humkin was grateful and asked what he can do to equate his gratitude.

The Lion, the wise with a few words, said “Surrender yourself and let me be the master of your life”

“I am yours and your’s alone, master” Humkin knelt.

Humkin and the Lion lived together but not happily. The Lion always corrected and reminded about the mistakes of Humkin from the way he feed the hens, to skin the sheep, to plant the crops, the right time to harvest the fruits, to plow the fields, to water the plants, to arrange the furniture, to milk the cows, and to chop the woods. All of the little details the Lion never missed to correct.

Humkin grew impatient and annoyed. It seems to him that he had done nothing right. Humkin never realized that the Lion wants his life to be perfect and he forgot that he already surrendered himself to him.    

He can’t take it any longer, said, “Lion could you please let me do my thing? The way, I want it to be?”

The Lion was just silent, never uttered a word.

“You may rest in the attic. I would call for you, if ever I need help. Go on old friend” Humkin demanded.

The Lion just followed without hesitation.

Humkin felt he was too clever and he went back to his old simple ways of doing things without the Lion correcting him.

Time was swift and came another season. Humkin forgot about the Wolf and the Lion.

The Wolf was back in the twilight, banging the door. Humkin was up, whistled to call his dogs – Peter and John, lit a lamp and brought a sword with him. Now he was not tiptoeing, he was brave for he got a weapon with him.

The Wolf crashed the door again and snarled.

“You seemed ready my lord?” the Wolf said cunningly.

“I am.” Humkin stood on a ready stance, held his sword with courage and pride.

It happened fast; Humkin never saw it coming, he was bitten on his left leg and fell on his knees.

“I thought you were ready?” and the Wolf grabbed Humkin’s neck and lifted him. The blood lusting Wolf prepared his claws for the finishing strike.

Humkin knew it was his last breath. His vision was turning black, memories of his life flashed and he remembered – his old friend.

He was being squeezed to death and grasping for air to breathe. Yet he endured to free the minutest voice he ever spoke, softer than a whisper. “Save me… my friend.”

The night became day when the Lion came and with all his might, roared, blowing the Wolf away from the land and never shall he return. Then he stomped and healed Humkin’s wounds.

Carried Humkin like a cub, put him on his favorite couch and rested beside him.

Morning came; beaming sunrays woke Humkin, felt the warmth of the harmless beast and caressed the golden furs of his old friend.

The Lion opened his golden pair of eyes and looked up to Humkin.

“After all my mistakes, still, why haven’t you forsaken me? “ Humkin asked. Tears overflowed on his face and his voice was cracking.

“Never a thought of forsaking a friend enrolled in my mind” the mighty Lion smiled.

Humkin jumped from his couch and hugged the harmless beast.

And they lived their lives until the end of their days.

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