when I first met her


The dark
night sky
Cold wind
chills me

Mixed feelings
Upside down
Rolling stones
stomach growls

Sat on the steps 
front of a church
Waiting for her
whom to meet me

Eyed on my left side
Chin laid on my palm
Thoughts flashed, drifted, flew
Nerves kick, hormones high

Came from the other side
She smiled, cheeks bulged, lips curved
Said shy Hi's and Hello's
And prepared for our journey

I am the tourist, she's my guide
Weather is fair, seemed, meant to be
Took our ride, on a crowded jeep
Sat ourselves across, facing each other

Happy I am, smile, I couldn't keep
Glared at her, mesmerized, can't believe
O fine lady, she is.. an angel
I was trapped in a lovely limbo

when I first met her..

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