Playfull God

Have you ever played a (MMORPG) Massively multiplayer role-playing online game or even any form of a game as long as there is a Game Master of it?

 In our lives, God is the Game Master. We are His creations in His Game on Earth. The Game Master who is always watching us how we play our lives with other players. And every one of us has a role for each others lives.

Our membership to His Game is eternal as long as we have this Faith on Him and there is always the enemy (Satan) who tempts to challenge the strength of our membership. He implemented the Golden Rules on how to play the Game – The Ten Commandments. And we got a Game Manual which guides us to play the game purposely – The Holy Bible.

We tend to disappoint Him so He gave us Quests to be completed and after completing it there is always a reward and a lesson. Another EXP! – experience needed to level up for us to grow.

We thought that He abandoned us in the Game but no. he was just there thinking of the ways to arrange greater scenarios to make our Gaming Experience amazing.

He assigned on us unique abilities to surpass all the challenges as we take our step to another level. Every player was given by Him the talents and skills for him to survive and use it for the goodness.

Game Master has also instituted an authority with us who will guide us on how to play the Game meaningfully- The Church. All was right and just until…

Time by time, we the players of His game, seeks to play the Game in an easy way and so we gravitate to follow the way of the enemy to play the Game unfairly being driven by greed, fame and lust. We began to move against the Master of our game.

We destroyed the Game world which is the “mother earth” just to be better player against others not caring about the effects of their selfishness and cruelty. But Game Master was only there, getting sad while spectating the moves of his players.

And so the Game Master decided to punish and show us the lessons of our bad deeds against His will. He released the storms, earthquakes, land slides, drought, and diseases to remind us that we are not the Game Masters, that we are just the players that who must follow the rules.

And lucky are those who played the game successfully  and impressed the Game Master because they will have the membership to the planned destination of our Playful God,  a membership to his Kingdom. To play with our “Playful God” unto eternity.

Are you still a member of His game? Are you still an active player? Do you wish to be on the planned destination of our “Playful God” ?.

Play the game wisely you may regret it…

from my previous account

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