Crucial Gamble

Never expecting to be assured
Electrifying admiration despite the distance
Wisely trying for true love to be measured
Surrendering all my cards for a chance

Test of Faith was upon us
All of the possibilities lies ahead
Thinking of ways is a must
Unfathomable affection cannot fade

Suspending emotions for our ambitions
Reinforced ourselves for the necessary partition
Evolving myself for my missions
Sincerity plus Loyalty was my equation

Element of Trust is hard to earn
Repelling the temptations for True Love
Vanquishing the rival - Loneliness, is tough to learn
Emotions you had like a flying dove

Despite the shakes of barraging waves 
Goals and visions will never break
Loving you distantly, indeed was brave
Christ strengthen me on my Gamble of Faith

from my previous account

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