A poem from Talent

All of you possesses me 
I'm just a discovery away
Buried beneath your spirit
Lucky are those who found the way

Am a ticket for a lifetime journey
Improving me will take you places
Incomparable from a granted wish from genie
A luck like holding all the aces

Even modicum of me will change your life
Yes, I can be your power
No doubt, I can be your wife
I'll lift you like standing on a tower

Gradually creates your personality
Develops your hidden potential
Be wise to use me with humility or;
Abuse me, you'll be non-essential

Shameful it is to deny my existence
Like ignoring a present wrapped in gold
Having me is not a coincidence
Inevitably it is, I will unfold

Share me and you'll be an inspiration
That will be your greatest achievement
Prepare to launch a steadfast determination
And go ahead! Show me to the nation!

from my previous account

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